Say What!?!

Kensley: Mama, do you want to trade Big Girl pants?
Me: Nope, I'm good - thanks anyways.
Kensley: Are you sure you don't want to wear Princess Pull Ups?
Me: Yep; I'm good. Mine haven't been peed in. Thanks for asking!

Kensley: Mama I lost a tooth.
Me: You did? Can I see?
Kensley: See? 
{I see it alright, it's a single Rice Krispie cereal puff}
Kensley: I have to put it under my pillow for the tooth fairy.

Kensley: "Can I touch your mustache, Mama?"
Me: No. And don't ever ask again, okay?

Kensley: "Mama, I'm scared... there's a turd in the tub!"
Me: Oh, you mean a toad, it's okay sweetie, just keep playing. It's just Nolan's toy frog.
Kensley: Mom, the turd is touching me!
Me: YIKES!!!!!! Jump in the shower - now you really need a bath!

Kensley: "Super Mama, would you like to be my hero?"
Me: {fighting back the tears} "I sure would."

Me: Kensley, what are you doing?
Kensley: Putting lipstick on Stella. {with sidewalk chalk}
Me: Why?
Kensley: Because she likes pink the best.

Me: Kensley, did you poop? Something stinks.
Kensley: Nope - I'm just a skunk.

Me: Kensley, do you love Nana?
Kensley: No, I just love Nana's play kitchen.

Rob: I heard Mama made you pancakes. What did they taste like?
Kensley: Socks.

After being visited by the sandman: "Mama look! I have cookie crumbs in my eyes!"

"Daddy holds my hand because he loves me everyday."

"Mama, I just threw up in my mouth, wanna' see?"
"Mama, did you remember I'm your miracle?"

Me: "Kensley, what do you think heaven is like?"
Kensley: "Marshmallows, chocolate and libraries!"

Kensley: "Mama!  Nolan just coughed up poop!" {Nolan puked.}

While whining and being told to stop...
Kensley: "But my mouth won't stop crying."