Valentine's Day 2017

The Sunday before Valentine's Day the kids gave all of the kiddos in their class LED headlamps!

On Monday, Mom came over and celebrated with us!

Mom purchased the kids the Trolls movie that they have been wanting since the day they saw it in the theater.

Tuesday monring we went to a local resturant shop and got heart-shaped biscuits for a little cousin breakfast!

The kids delievered homemade Valentine's Day cards to residents at our local nursing home.

We were totally surprised when our neighbors, Larry and Sally came over and gave them kids a DELICIOUS bouquette of candy and stuffed animals.

And of course we had to invite Grandma Nancy over for a special little party.

Nolan painted her a special mug with hearts all over it; she clearly was delighted with her gift from the heart!

Kensley's BFF Charles from church stopped by like he has been doing now for years.
Everytime he comes I can't help but well up with tears.  He spoils her the same way my Dad did.

It was a WONDERFUL Valentine's Day; our best one yet.
People let us know just how much we are loved!

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