Salvation Mountain {A Story of Love} Niland, California

For the past couple of years I have longed to visit Salvation Mountain.
Every time I see pictures, they take my breath away.
Something so simple yet so profound!

(If you have ever been here before then you fully understand how long I had to stand
to get a people-free picture on the weekend... but it was totally worth it!)

I couldn't tell you how to get there; it's in the middle of nowhere.
(1.5 hours south of Palm Springs in the desert)
Google will save you, trust me!


Love.  Is.  Universal.

The truck pictured above is where Leonard lived while he built the mountain.
I can NOT imagine living in the desert... when it isn't uncommon for the temperature to raise 125 degrees.

We were told that the detail (to make his art three demensionall) caulk was used to outline a shape and then later painted over.


Leonard went to the desert and found/cut each branch and brought it back to be on display as part of his museum.


And now... for my favorite part... Leonard's son's Airstream!

I posed for a quick picture, like it seems every Airstream owner does, but what happened next I couldn't have imagined!
The caretaker approached me and asked if I knew much about Airstreams.
I explained that we had a 75 model so I knew a little bit.

The caretaker unlocked the door and gave me a private tour inside.

( Eeeeek!  Dreams do come true!)

Check out that little bunny on the run; my Mom had her cell phone ready at just the right moment!

You can read more about Leonard Knight here.
His commitment and determination was amazing... if only we all had a little more Leonard in us!

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