Painted Canyon Ladder Trail, Palm Desert, California

Mom and I got up early one morning and decided that we would go hiking.
There are seemingly endless possibilities of trails around the Palm Springs area.
We decided that we would try hiking and ladders (Keep in mind both of us don't do heights).

Our family has always had a thing for rocks with lines through them.

See those beat up ladders thrown on the side of the rocks?

Yep!  We climbed up them!  I climbed three of them actually!

It was a great feeling thinking that I was tackling one of my fears.

Until... the risk analyzer inside of my head starting trying to figure out if I got hurt, how would I leave the canyon,
make it through the airport to return home, take care of the kids etc.

I was surprised at all of the little flowers that we found.
The rain from a couple of days before really caused things to bloom nicely.

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