East Jesus, California

Our first day in California was cool and rainy.
Not ideal weather, but we made the best of it and headed to the hot tub
(known by the locals at Fountain of Youth Resort as the 'lobster pot').
While we enjoyed soaking in the mineral spa, we met the coolest people.

We spent hours, like 4 hours, talking to Heidi and Sherrie, my instant new BFFs.
They invited us to tag along on a ride through the desert to East Jesus.
We had no clue what East Jesus was all about, but this opportunity would be
too much fun to pass up, so we ran to our room and found some semi-warm clothes.

I love my Mom's selfie... the giant clump of mud on her helmet was just a sneak peak of what was to come.
As I mentioned before, it was raining that day... and it had rained the day before which made the desert more of a mud bog.

The pictures don't do us justice; we were freezing and covered in mud, but it was memory maker for sure!

The place was pretty creepy by itself, but being filthy and walking around in drizzling rain made it that much more unsettling.

East Jesus is it's own world.  Literally.  Its' a desert refuge for want-to-be artists, musicians, survivalists, writers, scientists, and other wandering geniuses.

Imagine vacant land covered with statues and random decorations made from trash, most of which were a little poor in taste for our family's beliefs.
It's so out there that the police don't even come to enforce the law.

The little sign by the robot said to ring the bell and one of the local would come out behind the wall and give you a tour of their living area.
Our tour guides... well... the pictures speak for themselves; they were characters,that's for sure!
I was amused by the "Car-B-Que".
They put their trash in the car and burn it.

The cacti in the toilets wer probably my favorite!

While we were there, people were putting a mud mixture over bales of hay to prevent the wall from spontaneously combusting during the intense summer heat.

There is no value to recycle alcohol bottles so the residents decided to create a wall.
This is their kitchen area where they prepare community meals.
They use their composting toilet to fertilize their garden.
Yes.  You read that right.
(All jokes aside, their garden looked AMAZING)

Enjoy this short clip of Mom riding a giant teeter totter with one of the tour guides, Mopar!

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