Kensley's Jingle & Mingle 2016

Kensley's piano teacher, Sutton, hosted a beautiful piano recital last May.
We are eagerly looking forward to her next official performance!

Kensley has been working so hard I decided to throw her a mini recital.
At 8 (going on 18) she loves being in the spotlight.

Nolan served drinks from Michael's Hot Cocoa Bar and Kensley made sure that everyone noticed that she had colored cookies.
(If you are a dye-free family, we used this!  The colors are not as vibrant than typical dye, but a fun treat nonetheless)

Mom gifted Kensley a new scarf and adorable little music note earrings.
She earned her new shoes; they sparkle just as much as she does!

She beautifully played 3 pieces; O Come All Ye Faithful, Deck the Halls and Jingle Bells.


... And then Kensley got a surprise... Pastor Doug brought his accordion!

Pure JOY was written all over her face; and obviously she has more grace than Mama if she can jump in high heel shoes!

Doug, Carla and Hannah gave Kensley a gorgeous set of "K" earrings, necklace and bracelet.
Every time she wears them, I'm sure she will think about how much the Harper family loves her!

Kensley also had flowers delivered from Grandma Nancy's favorite florist in Ravenswood.

Sutton made her an ornament; she said that she felt special and that's all that matters!

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