Christmas With Nate 2016


My brother and his family came in for a quick visit from NC so I snapped a few pictures.

We celebrated Christmas early with them at my Grandparents; my Grandma even cooked a special meal.

Hands down, this photo of Isla reading the Christmas story before opening gifts will be my favorite shot of the season.
I mean seriously.  How much more precious could she really be?

Side note: that Smithsonian kit was totally cool!

Although the container was much smaller than the size of the box; the rocks totally did their magic!

This pouch probably doesn't look like much to you.
Upon unwrapping it, it didn't mean much to me either.
But there was something that intrigued me.
Something that looked familiar... but at the same time... no it didn't.

My brother and Christi had some of my Dad's shirts sewn together and made into small bags.

As soon as Christi started explaining what her seamstress did,
I could see my Dad standing in my kitchen, wearing the darker blue shirt shown here.

I remember him wanting to look good for his medical team at Duke.
I remember him wanting to look like he was worth investing in.
This is such a special gift; I'm beyond thankful to have such a thoughtful sister-in-law!

Christi hit another home run with Kensley's Gracewear bracelet set.
They are from the  "Me and My"collection; you keep one and give one to someone else.
Kensley chose to give one to Isla which turns out worked out perfectly
as Isla helped choose the bracelets for Kensley because she liked them herself!
If you aren't familiar with Gracewear - check them out.
I have several pieces thanks to Christi,that I wear on a daily basis.

The mission of Gracewear Collection is to offer a powerful and purposeful Christian lifestyle brand that represents covering women daily in God's protection, mercy, and grace. The Shield of Faith Collection is an beautiful way for women to wear and share their faith- while intentionally putting on the Armor of God for all of life's battles.  

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