Christmas Candy Cane Dog Treats for Luka

When I moved to West Virginia 18 years ago, I met an incredible friend, Shali.
She was beyond wonderful to include me!
Now living in a small town, I quickly realized that everyone already had a clique of friends... and they didn't need me in their group.
But Shali was different.  She included me.  I will always remember that.

Her sweet dog, Luka, passed away this week.
Having no children herself, he was like a kid to her.

I have no words to offer to ease her pain, but I did have an idea to acknowledge her grief.

We went to our local animal shelter and gave each dog a candy cane shaped dog bone!

I couldn't have been more tickled how BRAVE our children were.
They witnessed a dog attack 4 years ago that still makes them very hesitant around K-9s.

Nolan was in LOVE with all of the cats!  

Seriously!  This cat looked beyond adorable wearing its little Christmas sweater.

(Listening to the kittens smack their food and purrrrrrr very loud)

The kids enjoyed themselves they are already asking to return.

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