The Giving Manger

December is always a stressful month.  It really bothers me.
As much as I want it to be all about Jesus {because that's the only reason for Christmas}
the hustle and bustle of society, not to mention the never-ending to do lists, tend to suck all of my joy.

I remember several special traditions that my parents did with us when we were younger
and I want the same for our children, but I refuse to do stuff just for a sake of staying busy.

Last year, I saw The Giving Manger and instantly fell in love.
I just couldn't justify the purchase... months later I was still thinking about it.
I wasn't going to let this incredible life-changing tradition pass me buy again, so I ordered our family the set.

I had been tracking the package and had the kids dressed and ready
to meet the mail carrier on the porch for this special delivery.

As soon as they opened it, Kensley looked at me and said,
"Mama!  It's The Giving Manger that you wanted us to have so bad last year!"
That's my girl; she remembered the desire of my heart.

Without spoiling the adorable book, this tradition is perfect for our family.
It celebrates Jesus and the way that He unconditionally loves and gave to others.

Check out some of these decorating ideas!
I can't wait to find a special place in our home to place the manger,
 in plain sight for all to see, to serve as reminder to give of Christ's love this season.

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