Halloween Trunk or Treat 2016

This year we let the children choose their costumes; fittingly, Kensley chose a Shopkin character and Nolan chose Hulk.

The children went to Grandma Nancy's for an early round of Trick-Or-Treating.
She always has the best candy!  I'm not disclosing how many Reese cups I indulged in.
They are corn-syrup free, dye-free and gluten-free; a WIN for everyone in our family!

Nolan tried a Screme Egg (Cadburry Egg but green for Halloween) and decided he just liked the outer chocolate shell the best.

 Our church hosted a Truck Or Treat in the parking lot; it was the perfect amount of fun mixed with candy!

Great idea, Carla.  It was a total success with our family!

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