Salt Fork State Park Was Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! {Lore City, Ohio}

We made reservations well in advance at Salt Fork and were anxious to celebrate my Mom's Birthday at a new (to us) campground.

Judging by the smile on her face, I think she felt pretty special!

There is nothing greater than sitting around a campfire at the end of the day.

The next morning, we took a little hike and explored in the woods.

The kids collected plants and berries on our walk and made their own homemade juice.

As soon as we pulled into the State Park, Kensley and Nolan spotted the gem mining place.
Mom generously treated the kids to their own bag to sift,

Kensley chose her usual gemstones and Nolan picked arrow heads.

Truth be told, the kids had just as much fun squirting water from the empty bags as they did the mining process!

Salt Fork has an amphitheater that the kids enjoyed performing on.  Any obviously Rob too!

A favorite part of camping for me is yummy food.  We buy special things that we otherwise wouldn't treat ourselves to.
We also eat lots of sandwiches because they are easy and there's very little clean up.
Clearly Rob doesn't appreciate eating tomatoes like an apple, like I do!

This weekend was memorable for sure!

Not only did we lose the life jackets and paddles
 (which were later returned by a honest fellow yaker')
but Nolan learned how to kayak all by himself!

I was AMAZED at just 30 pounds, he could maneuver a 10 foot boat.
He is now begging for his own kayak.
Sounds like a perfect Christmas idea to me!

The beach was sort of a beach.
I personally thought that it was more small rocks verses sand, but the kids enjoyed playing in it nonetheless.
As a bonus, since it was so rough to walk on, it exfoliated your feet very nicely.

So.  Proud.  Of.  Our.  Little.  Guy.

While Rob, Nolan and I were kayaking, Mom captured this photo of Kensley running.
It is so her.  Water is like magic to her.  She is always smiling around water. This lake was no different.

If you ask Nolan, my guess is that he would tell you his favorite part of camping is playing in the fire.  And collecting sticks.

Mom got us several packs of these awesome balloons at the beginning of summer; I totally recommend them.
They fill up quickly and don't have to be individually tied.  Epic idea!

Saturday evening we returned to the amphitheater to watch a very special movie, Mary Poppins.
My second Mom growing up, whom our kiddos call Grammy Vicki, has a daughter Tami that was the star of the show in a musical back home in Washington State.

Mom brought my Dad's projector and speakers and Rob made us some Jiffy Pop!

Enjoying some popcorn, my date, and the show!

The next morning it was drizzling rain, so the kids got to have breakfast in bed.
Maybe next year we will have a dinette built in the front of the camper, but for now, it's all about being flexible!

Before packing up and heading out, Rob worked with the kids passing a ball.
It's safe to say that we all need a great deal of improvement; myself included!

Salk Fork was totally worth the 1 hour 45 minutes drive to us.
We loved our campsite; it bordered the woods making it feel more private.
We had full hookups which always makes life easier.
The park is large but not too large.  It's laid out very easy to navigate with lots of options to entertain with.

We are already planning on returning again next year!

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