Plum Orchard Lake {Scarbro, WV}

Plum Orchard holds a special place in my heart; it was the last camping-like outing that my Dad took the children on before his passing.  
After last year's spectacular veiwing, we knew we wanted to return again!

It just so happened that after a 3-year search for a vintage Airstream camper, I found one on Craig's List just a couple of hours away from Plum Orchard.  Totally rushed for time, we dropped the kids and the camping supplies with my Mom and took off on an adventure.

In my Mom's typical fashion, she set up the entire campground, played with the kids and even got them special gifts!

We returned from Virginia at almost midnight, inhaled a quick dinner, and went straight to bed praying about the decision of possibly purchasing the camper.

When we woke up the next morning, the view was beyond AMAZING!

Who knows what we are doing; but boy, this silly photo makes me HAPPY!

Mom caught a dragonfly!  Nolan tried out his new toy from Mom; a remote control whale.

That little orca whale was a huge hit!  So fun for him to have something to do while I paddled.

It was such a delight to have Mom with us on this trip.
Rob constantly pointed out how helpful she was with the kids; allowing us to have a real vacation.

Kensley's.  Face.  Says.  It.  All.

Plum Orchard Lake is such a dream.  There are so many blooms, you can't help but want to slow down and see each flower in its glory.

This whirl-wind weekend totally gave us the fever for camping; lakes like this leave us with desire to spend more time outdoors!

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