New River Gorge {Lansing, WV}

Our kids were beyond delighted to learn that they could be real Junior Rangers!

We knew that we would be camping in the general area of the New River Gorge
so the week before we traveled the children worked on their workbooks to earn their official badge.

{You can ask for a free workbook at the Canyon Rim Visitors Center, or you can download a copy here.  
I reccomend downloading it so that your little ones can complete a majoirty of the book before your trip.}

As soon as we arrived, the kids eagerly interviewed the first park ranger they found.
They asked questions like: What is your favorite hiking trail?  What do you eat for lunch?  What is the most scary animal you have ever saw?  Where is the next National Park you will be employed by?

Our kids want this plastic scat set.  For real.  I just can't bring myself to spend $50 for a bucket of poop, Christmas gift or not.

If there's any blog followers that want to bless our kids with such a random gift, I won't protest it - I have lots of lesson plans to pair it with!

Nolan found the Junior Park Ranger vests and instantly he was obsessed.
I had no intentions of purchasing one, let alone two, but Daddy loves them big time!
Each state park we visit in West Virginia, the children will get a lapel pin to add to their vests.

The kids took being sworn in as official Junior Park Rangers very seriously.

After earning their badges and New River Gorge patches, we had a picnic lunch.
If you ask the kids, I'm sure they will tell you that their favorite part of the day was feeding two stray kittens their lunches.

We walked down 175 stairs (and later back up those 175 stairs) to the observatory to see the bridge; a famous icon of West Virginia.

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