Fall Fun at the Farm!

My aunt, uncle and cousin own a farm in Ohio.
They have been working very hard on it all summer; we went after church to check it out.

Although their pumpkins were small, they were all perfectly round and the perfect shade of orange!


The kids painted their pumpkins - way easier than carving them - great idea Molli.

My cousin Tyler has a tricked out golf cart; obviously that was a lot of fun!

The purpose of the farm is for hunting so there are several different crops planted to bring the deer in like clover, corn and soy beans. 

I'm not sure if I have ever saw soy beans in their raw form.  
They have a very soft and fuzzy casing around them; a FAVORITE texture of Kensley's!

If we ever owned a farm, we would have to get a golf cart to ride on; it really was a lot of fun!

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