Beech Fork State Park {Barboursville, West Virginia}


I shared this on Instagram as we were headed to our weekend adventure.

"I miss my Dad the most when we camp. Fun memories flood my mind of all of the awesome adventures he took us on and I often can't control the tears that rapidly fall from my eyes and stream down my cheeks. This little printable serves as an excellent reminder to keep on living the life he imagined for me!"

You can dowload you own print here.  I love Katie Dasiy's artwork.  All of it.
We had to run a quick errand before we arrived at the campground and I snapped this picture of Rob; clearly he has more than enough toys, don't ya' think!?!

We met up with friends from church; Brian, Amy and Brianna.

We went on a short 2.1 mile hike.
Note.  To.  Self.  When it's 90 degrees, don't take hungry kids hiking.
Trust me.  I heard more than my fair share of "Are we there yet?" 

As the pictures below prove, we had an awesome time together.

The kids played well together.
We ate yummy food.
We stayed up late... and slept in.

What more could you ask for?




Grandma Nancy gave the kids some souvineer money, so on our way home the kids did a little shopping.

This was a memorable trip; can't wait to combine families and camp together again!

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