Kensley's Actual 8th Birthday

Kensley woke up on her special day and was greeted by several special people wishing her HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  She previously told us that she wanted to stay in her jammies all day and eat lasagna noodles for dinner.  Sounded simple enough... but I had a few tricks up my sleeve!

She was shocked when she walked into the living room, spotted some gifts and I actually agreed to letting her open a few.

The look on her face says it all!  {Her reaction when I told her that her best friend, Abby, was coming over.}

Abby arrived just moments later and got Kensley awesome new games to play.

They kids watched Cookie Swirl C for a little bit while I packed up the pool bag.

The girl's friends, Cobbler and Marie watched them swim.

After getting rinsed off, dressed and styled their matching hair, we drove to Charleston.

We went to Chick-Fil-A; when it's your Birthday, your Mama let's you eat a cookie for lunch!

Kensley had a little money that she was excited to shop with.
Num Noms, Charm U, Shopkins and Barbies are currently some of her favorite toys.

Next, we went and saw the movie Secret Life of Pets and ended the day at Books A Millon.

The girls were so tickled to get to have a 9.5 hour playdate (their longest one ever).
Kensley was very appreciative of all of the places I took her to; sure beat staying home all day!

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