Haunted Hartley House

My mom's cousin, Brian, set up a fun hayride for everyone to the haunted Hartley house.
I remember being there last when I was 9 years old.
It's an empty house that sits at the back of my Mom's family farm.

Checking out some cows!

There's an old family cemetery along the way.  Several headstones are original,
but I was shocked by the new granite ones that family members would have had to recently replace.

Tyler, Molli, Laney and Teresa were some of the crew who joined us!

We finally arrived at the old house; it was a 3 hour walk when my Mom
and Aunt Teresa were teenagers; so thankful we had a tractor to escort us.

It was amazing the condition that the house was in all these years later.
(The house was lived in 80 years ago.)

It was a FUN evening; special thanks for Brian and Melody!

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