Cousin's First Camping Trip {Forked Run, OH}

July 16, 2016

My Mom drove to North Carolina and picked up my brother's youngest children and brought them back to West Virginia for their *first* camping trip!

We went to a local campground and as soon as we entered, we saw turkeys with their babies!

It was hot.  And humid.  And it rained.  Twice.

The kids were troopers and delighted in seeing the HUGE rainbow once the weather finally cleared up.

It has been since the 6th grade.
I was thrilled to find some new people who also shared my joy!

Kensley is always ready to get her craft on, no matter where she is.

{ C.  O.  U.  S.  I.  N.  S. }

They are spaced perfectly; current ages are 5, 6 7 and 8.

Mom ordered these awesome water balloons that fill up and tie about 25 balloons at a time.
Genius, I tell ya, pure genius!

The kids quickly went through the first batch of balloons and went for round two!

Ethan totally won the sportsmanship award.
Despite the only rule being 'don't shoot anyone in the face'
clearly Kensley doesn't listen well when she is excited
Ethan didn't complain once and maintained a smile the entire time!

For first-time campers, I was surprised how well they did!

They didn't complain about the rain.
Or the bugs.  Or the poison ivy.
Or the nasty restrooms.

Looking forward to another camping trip soon!

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