Arggie's Maiden Voyage {Kanawha State Forest, WV}

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that this past weekend we took our vintage camper for the first time.  If you missed it, here's what I wrote.

"Six months ago today I laid in my Daddy's hospital bed, held his hand and loved him enough to let him go meet Jesus. 
He lived big.  He was always up for an adventure.  He played hard. 
 He made memories that will outlast my lifetime. 

In his honor we are taking Arggie, our (semi-finished) Airstream, out for its maiden voyage.
Dad would be SO proud of Rob and how hard we have worked to make this dream become a reality."

   It's been a HARD 6 months and this little get away was the perfect distraction our family needed!

As you can see, the children slept great in the camper; Scrat eyes are always the secret trick for Kensley.

For breakfast we made egg, bacon and cheese croissants and the kids indulged in sugary Lucky Charms.

The boys rode scooters while Kensley crafted.

Creeks are a must for our kiddos while camping.
They can spend hours exploring; doing exactly what kids should be doing!

Enjoying a sweet treat (Nerd Rope) left over from Kensley's Birthday.

Mom had ordered a new building toy; us adults enjoyed it just as much as the kids.

Oh Rob!  You sure know how to put a smile on my face!
I'm BEYOND proud of my man.  This was his first trip that he was responsible for everything.
In years past, Dad has always taken care of all of the camper details and we just enjoyed ourselves.
He never complained, not once, and bravely made our weekend fun.

The kids know better than to ask Rob or I to catch crawdads, but they know that my Mom will always say "yes".

This was such a magical moment; so happy I had my camera handy.
Kensley caught this speedy salamander all by herself.
She named him Beautiful and kept him in a jar.

(Showing off her critter to our camping neighbor, Pastor Robert)

Kensley spent a fair amount of time in the camper.
She said she was tired. (Yes, the kid who rarely sleeps claimed to be tired.)
I personally thought it was because I had purchased her a new magazine to read
but upon arriving home, she tested positive for strep throat.  :(


Half the fun of camping is all of the yummy camp food, right?
Kensley enjoyed the nachos; her love of white chips continues.

Rob perfected tater tots in our hobo pie makers.
He sure loves his taters!

Kensley earned this beautiful s'mores kit from her piano instructor.
(Yes, Sutton actually hand painted the tag; isn't it stellar?)

Our good friends Ronnie, Merinda and Abbi came by Saturday night.

We enjoyed catching up with them and the kids loved playing in the creek and with water balloons.

{ S.  P.  A.  R.  K.  L.  E.  R.  S }

After we woke up Sunday morning, it was time to release Kensley's new little salamander friend.
It just so happened, I knew the perfect new home for him!

Saying goodbye is always so challenging for her, but we promised we would return and look for him again soon.

Along the salamander trail we found some blackberries; one of Kensley's favorites!

 Rob taught the kids how to spit into the water and watch the fish eat it.
Only a life lesson that Dad's can teach, right?

We received a lot of criticism about going to such a close campground.
It's only about an hour away.  Most all of the locals have already 'been there done that'.
But for us, it was about testing out Rob's truck to make sure he could safely pull the loaded camper.
And let's face it; we needed a break from working on the camper.

We loved Kanawha State Forest.
We liked that it didn't take forever to drive to, had a creek for the kids to play in
 and it was close enough friends would stop by to visit!

In the end, camping can be as fun as you make it.  I try to stress as less as possible.  
I don't care what the kids wear or if their hair is picture-perfect.
They are supposed to get dirty... but I could have done with the scrapes and bruises from multiple scooter crashes.

Our weekend was a total success; so thankful to be living my life with our tiny tribe.
Rob, who never grew up camping, is a natural.
It was such a delight to see him skipping down the trails with the kids making memories!

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HeidiAdeleSnyder said...

I loved the sound of the stream in the juggling video!! The color of those trees are unreal! Gorgeous!! XO