Looking Forward To Learning About Frogs

This year, we are switching things up at The Winter Ranch and doing school quite differently!

For the past several years, we have used a curriculum called Classical Conversations.
We have successfully completed all of the cycles and felt led to take full advantage
of what educating at home should look like.
Instead of being locked in to our memorization work and keeping up with the pre-determined weekly schedule,
this year the children get to choose what they are interested in learning more about (in addition to their basic subjects).

In the past, the little ones would ask a question, I would answer it.  Or we would look it up (Thanks Google) and that would be that.

I still agree that I want to our children to know how to think, not just what to think.

As I'm sure you have noticed, Kensley is all about NATURE so I'm confident we will have our science lessons covered for sure.

Nonetheless, she is interested in learning more about frogs and toads!


Be on the lookout for an upcoming post on tadpoles/frogletts soon!

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