Kensley's First Piano Recital!

Wahoo!  The big even was finally here!

Kensley started taking lessons just 2 months ago; but since the very beginning she insisted on participating in the recital.

The morning of the recital, Kensley woke up and made the announcement that she would be playing her short and sweet piece from memory.

And that's exactly what she did!  We were all so proud of her!

A quick group photo of some of Ms. Sutton's 32 students who worked very hard to expand their musical studies this year.

One of the details that Kensley was most looking forward to was earning her 'personalized' certificate.
And it was printed on pearl paper so the sparkling shimmers were the perfect touch to make her day.

Kensley was blessed to have 12 people in her fan club to help cheer her on.
It totally blew me away; her song was less than 30 seconds but some people made
the 2 hour round-trip to watch her perform.

After the completion of the recital, everyone was invited to stay for cookies and drinks.
Sutton (and probably her Mama too) did an incredible job putting together a wonderful reception.

Due to the distance of the recital, not all friends and family were able to attend.
Kensley wore a special pin that Aunt Sally had given her and pinned it in the lining of her dress.
It made her feel invincible just like Wonder Woman.

Becky got Abby (Kensley's BFF) and Kensley flowers.
The look on our special girls faces prove they were beyond excited.

My Mom got Kenlsey a special necklace; a reminder to always use her talents for Jesus.

As we were leaving the recital, Rob presented Kensley with the coolest unicorn roses!

The picture of Rob and Kensley together makes me cry.

I remember seeing a similar photo of my Dad and I with flowers at a recital.
On my Dad's last appointment to Duke, he and mom found Kensley a keyboard which planted to seed to start piano lessons.
He always loved listening to me play and tried to teach himself.
He would have been the proudest Papaw in the church to have witnessed his girl perform.

Kensley was beyond blessed with all sorts of fun goodies to make her special day even more special.

We are already looking forward to Ms. Sutton's 2017 recital!

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Wilma said...

Oh, what a wonderful group of photos capturing a true memory of my great-niece Kensley Winter in her first piano recital. Looking at the photos provided a sense of the grace and poise she has in completing her accomplishments. I loved the unicorn roses presented to her by her Dad, Robbie. I look forward to next year's recital with anticipation because she will have increased in knowledge, skill and ability through her piano lessons and practice. Congratulations, Kensley, for a job well done and a big thank you to your parents for the wonderful job they are doing as parents. I love you.