Our Queen and Captiain of Nature

Kensley's obsession continues to grow daily (if not hourly).
She is now collecting dead bug for her collection.
I spotted a moth on the porch and put it in her little case.
Sure enough, just like the beetle I found yesterday, it came back to life!

Kensley really wanted to hold it, so we went outside.

She was able to hold it for maybe one second before it flew away.

She caught it and held it again.  For maybe one second.
And then it took it's third and final flight... and is no where to be found.
(For something that laid lifeless on the porch all morning, it sure got a second wind)

  {Nolan has been using one of my Dad's cameras lately.
He enjoys messing with all of the different buttons and settings
and I LOVE seeing things through his perspective.
He captured this beautiful shot above of the moth taking it's final freedom flight}

Surprisingly Kensley was very mature about the loss of her latest friend.
We scouted around the property exploring for tid bits that were safe to collect.


After we gathered our treasures from nature, we came inside, printed crowns {free templates} and hot glued some flowers, leaves, bark and sticks!


Introducing our QUEEN OF NATURE...

...and our  CAPTAIN OF NATURE!

Nolan was so tickled with his leaf in the middle; such a small joy made his day!

 It's been over a month since we caught our tadpoles.  

We captured them when they just hatched meaning they haven't done anything but grow a little in the past 6 weeks.
I'm so glad that I decided not to let the kids bring them inside just yet, and made them keep them in a rain barrel lid for the time being, 

As you can see, no sign of legs are present.
Once I start to see changes in their apperance, I will allow the kids to have them in the laundry room to note the rapid changes.

We have been gathering water for them almost daily; I just couldn't figure out where it all was going.

Meet the guilty culprit.  Piper.  She was caught drinking/splashing the water out of the lid.


Kensley is still into these crazy little caterpillars.
Several have left the nest so I know it won't be long until she can't quickly find them.

They truly bring her so much joy, I will miss them.

Nolan decided to get in on the action of caterpillar training.
Clearly boys do it differently.  He taught his little guy how to hang upside down.

Although our allergies are really acting up, I'm thankful for this time outside.
This winter seemed very long; hooray for some SUNSHINE!

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