My Birthday Mini Pies

Tradition has it that after you turn 18, my Grandma no longer gets your a Birthday gift
but rather bakes you your favorite dessert!  For years I have enjoyed this and
looked forward to my OWN pie to enjoy all by myself.

This year, I asked if it would be okay for the kids and I to come to her house
and for her to actually teach me the secret to her perfect pie crust.
She happily said yes and I documented the process!

No need to guess which mini pies Grandma made and which ones I made;
there's a real art to baking... one that I clearly haven't mastered yet.

I had plans of bringing the pies home and phorographing them
but the truth of the matter is the yummy pies didn't last long enough.
The kids gobbled some up and we shared some with friends and family.

It's okay - the memory of the speical time together is forever etched in my heart.

Thanks, Grandma!

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