Fun Friday Night


Like every year, we had some caterpillar nests around The Winter Ranch.
Because they kill the trees they are cocooned in, the boys had to cut the branches.
Nolan's silly expression and mis-matched jammies totally make me smile.

One of our local thrift shops held a lot of old cameras for me that we picked up today.
The Bentley (camera Kensley is 'using') made its way outside without me noticing.

I'm so thankful I didn't shout at her to return my new decoration inside,
 because the photo I snapped next is my current favorite of our sweet Kenny girl.

{Taking a selfie (with a non-working camera) with a caterpillar.  SO KENSLEY}


Kensley was way into the caterpillars; but only one in particular.
She loved its soft fuzzy texture and spent hours with it.  Literally.

I admired her just looking at it, memorizing every tiny detail.
At one point, I looked over and noticed she was totally in the zone and letting it craw on her face.

I snapped one quick photo of the critter catchers and put my camera away.

I had some work to do in the garden.
Rob helped me move a pile of dirt and then we realize we blocked the garden gate with the wheelbarrow.

Rob proclaimed he had an idea and I asked Kensley to grab my camera.
Boy I'm glad I did!  He took off running...

... and totally cleared the wheelbarrow with one leap!
{Kensley's reaction was the greatest}


Since Rob is the super-fun Dad that he is, he proceeded to let the kids attempt to jump over Nolan's wheelbarrow!

Rob's antics are beyond crazy... and our kiddos love every single second that they get to spend with him.

After tears, tears and more tears, I was the mean mom and made Kensley keep the caterpillar outside.
Rob suggested putting her new friend in her freshly embellished 'fairy house'.
I personally thought it was a fantastic idea.

However, anything further away than Kensley's hand isn't making her happy.
Fingers crossed that she can find another little friend tomorrow. :)

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