Valentine's Day 2016

Since the beginning of time, Valentine's Day has always been Kensley's favorite holiday.
She delights in crafting the sweetest homemade cards for everyone she knows... and a few strangers too.

After the recent passing of my Dad, I just wasn't feeling all lovey dovey.
It's a struggle to get out of bed.  Forget taking a shower.
Forget preparing cute heart-shaped food or fun activities.  I just didn't have it in me. 

 But there was one thing I knew I just had to do... help the kids assemble treat bags for their friends at church.
We decorated our home... and purchased all the supplies on December 26th.  Yes.  You read that correctly.
The day after Christmas, Kensley was in high gear preparing for Valentine's Day.

I finally mustered up the strength, slapped a smile on my face and helped the children make little surprises for their new friends!

The goody bags included heart-shaped notebooks, festive pencils, mini self-inflating balloons and gold dollar coins.

She.  was.  beyond.  excited.  to.  deliver.  her.  gifts.  at.  Konnect!

Click here to get your own free Valentine cards with bible verses printable.

Valentine's Day Eve we received some special visitors... Kensley's BFF from our old church!
What made their visit even more special was that Charles was the last person to visit my Dad in the hospital before he was transferred to Duke in North Carolina.  It was nice to hear him talk about how much he knew my Dad loved me.

Charles didn't let our kids down!  He brought flowers, candy and plush toys.

Just like last year,  Nolan's chocloates disappeared before being photographed :)

Kensley is all about her 'crazy daisies' and Nolan has a new tiny friend to sleep with!

Valentine's Day morning Rob made waffles and the kids quickly got dressed for church so that they had ample time to open their LOVE DAY gifts!

Kensley wore a special necklace today that she received from her Penpa.
It was the last thing he purchased for her before his passing.
Extra hugs and kisses for his Kenny girl; he remembered how much she loves Valentine's Day!

Nolan's little face melts my heart.  He asked for a Hurley shirt... becuase they have the best bottons.
He's the ONLY 5 year old that I know that can identify a brand of dress shirt by the buttons.

{ I love that our kids are so close in age that they get excited for each other when they get a new toy. }

This.  is.  the.  gift.  I.  was.  dying.  for.  the.  kids.  to.  open!

All smiles at first when they read their dreams were coming true...

Kensley didn't quite understand... and Nolan cried because he doesn't want to fly because the plane will be too loud.

Fingers crossed they are more excited once we arrive at the amusement part for two days of fun!
{After talking about it more today, the anticipation appears to be slowly rising}

{Natalie, Kensley & Lexi}

After church Kensley received some Valentines from some friends... and even a special book.

It's safe to say that she was over the moon excited.
And I was too.  Kensley is finally making friends.  Real friends.
Friends that find her just as special as we do!

After church we met my Mom and Rob's Mom for a little lunch date.

CHA-CHING!  Nana generously gave the kids money for LegoLand!

My mom is apparently the Bob Evans Tick Tack Toe champ!

After lunch, Mom came over and gave the kiddos special gifts.

{Anyone want to guess what's inside those boxes?}


The children spent the rest of the day assembling their new Lego sets; it was a perfect day for sure!

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