Konnect - Goat's Milk Bath Salt

The kids were very excited to go to Konnect last night!
They knew that there was a special visitor scheduled to come in celebration of FFA week at church.

Nolan wanted to wear his hair like Tyler, a boy from church.

This style cracks me up; it's like he went from preppy to rebellious with just a glob of spiking gel.

A.j. Carpenter came and taught the kids how to make bath salts.
They were able to make two different batches in two different scents.

As you saw, all of the kids enjoyed this hands-on learning experience!

Each child also generously received a bar of goat's milk soap to take home.

At the end of their time together, Kensley got to be one of the song leaders; oh she was so proud of herself!

And lastly, here is Tyler - the boy who has stylin' hair that Nolan wanted to copy :)

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