Read Ouloud {Henry J. Kaiser}

Last week our sweet neighbor, who the kids promoted to "Grandma Nancy" last year,
lined things up for Kensley to read a book she wrote to a 1st grade class at a local elementary school.

She didn't read to just any class; the teacher, Mrs. Sinnett actually had
Grandma Nancy for a kindergarten teacher many years back.

Kensley.  Nailed.  It.

She flipped both sides of her hair over her shoulders and walked in like she owned the place!

The children were very attentive and really looked up to her.
(Rob and I found this a little humorous.  Although they are a grade below her, they are the same age as her.)

The book was written after Kensley borrowed a stuffed toy dog named Muddy from Grandma Nancy.
In the story, she documented all the adventures they got into together.

Grandma Nancy also read the children a short story.

Proof that everyone had a good time!
They even asked for Kensley to come back next week.

As we were leaving, the kids met Mrs. Hall, the principal.  She made their first public school experinece
extra special and gave them coupons for free desserts at McDonalds.

So... we wrapped up the afternoon with a few sweet treats before heading home!

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