{First Annual} Christmas ADAM 2015

Here at the Winter Ranch we are all about making memories!
The easiest way to do that is to have special family traditions!

I recently approached Rob with the idea of "Christmas Adam."
(Get it?  Adam came before Eve therefore Christmas ADAM comes before Christmas EVE)
He didn't hold back and told me that I was a loon, but he was all for it.

I find the best memories are those that don't require a lot of planning, work, or stress.
We announced to the kids that they would exchange their gifts between eachother.


Nolan couldn't stop crying long enough for me to explain that it didn't mean
that he had to take all of his gifts back or trade with his sister.

After the hysterics ended, the kids were excited to open a couple of presents... early!

Kensley took note that Nolan liked a particiular fox stuffed animal at Jo Ann Fabric.
For weeks, she rememnbered that he wanted it!

Nolan isn't much of a shopper, so he agreed to letting me help pick out Kensley's special gift.
While at Walmart at 5 o'clock one morning (don't ask) I spotted season 4 Shopkins.
Somehow something must have gone terribly wrong in the toy depatment
 becuase they weren't supposed to have been released yet... guess it was just a Christmas miracle!

I don't 'get' the whole Shopkins craze.  They look like painted pieces of plastic to me.
However, they bring great joy to Kensley and she does actually play with them!

The kids each wrapped and wrote on their packages; they are growing up too quickly.

As a special treat, the kids ate cookies for a bedtime snack
and listened to Christmas music as they fell asleep under the tree.

I'm so thankful for a husband that is open to new ideas!

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