Pen Pal Keira {Myrtle Beach, SC}

We recently went on a beach trip with my entire family thanks to my generous Aunt and Uncle who own beach condos.
The places weren't rented by anyone the week before our scheduled vacation, so the kids and I headed down early for 6 extra days of fun!

The Brigadune is right on the beach; perfect location to wake up and see the sun rise!

Nolan enjoyed walking on the sand right after it was drug smooth; he would always laugh because it tickled his toes!

The first week that we were at Myrtle Beach, Kensley met the sweetest little girl, Keira.
Her Birthday is the day after Kensley's.  It was a precious frienship that blossomed quickly!

The kids had a good time with Crabby a real crab found in an unicorn shell!


Keira was able to teach Kensley some basic swimming skills.  I was beyond impressed how brave her new friend made her!

Kensley found these little fuzzy BEST FRIEND key chains at Claries.
The girls exchanged addresses in hopes of becoming real life pen pals.
Keira lives in Canada so we are anxious to learn more about her family's different lifestyle.

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Melinda said...

Your beach trip looked magical!! I have so many wonderful memories of our trip there :-) Tell Nolan happy belated birthday from us!!