Nolan's 5th {shark} Birthday!

While we were at the beach, Nolan turned F-I-V-E!  {Hard to believe, huh?}
For months he spoke of wanting a shark party; perfect theme if you asked me!

The morning of his special day, my Grandma got up early and baked him a cake.

The kids enjoyed licking the bowl clean!  It's memories like this that I hope their childhoods are filled with.

As you can tell by the kids attire, Grandma worked in the kitchen while the rest of us went and played at the beach/pool.

Didn't it turn out good?!?

Gummy sharks, shark sprinkles and shark candles... what more could you ask for?

Decorations were super simple, just a tablecloth, plates, cups and nakins.
Nolan doesn't fuss for fancy party decorations - so I decided not to either.
** While blowing out his candles, he wished he could be a hedgehog... for the 2nd year in a row **

I wish I had a video camera instead my usual camera; the reaction of Nolan opening his suspenders was beyond adorable!

My mom totally made his day!  I have purchased this same Lego set twice.  Yes.  Twice.
Somehow Nolan has managed to lose Ironman's mask two times and I refused to buy it again.
As you can tell, he was thrilled that Mamaw bought it for him again.
Fingers crossed the third time is the charm and he doesn't lose his most favorite piece again!


My Aunt Teresa is known for doing special scavenger hunts, Nolan's Birthday was no different.
All of the clues led Nolan to an envelope full of money!  Cha-Ching!
He knew instantly what he wanted... a Hulk Build A Bear.  
We headed to Broadway at the Beach so that he could create his new friend.

** Making a wish... to be a hedgehog... again **

Nolan thought he was a big deal getting to pay with some of his Birthday money!

Next, we went to Wee R Sweet and watched them make fresh taffy.
If you look close, you can see the manager throwing Dad a piece of watermellon taffy!

The machine, the Kiss Wrap was purchased in 1917.  It cuts off a piece of taffy, places it into a piece of wax paper, then twists the ends.
It cuts and wraps 150 pieces of taffy per minute (if it feels like it).

At the end of the evening, Nolan asked if he could see the pictures on the back of my camera.
I, of course, told him yes, but typically he just waits until I post them on the blog.
When I asked what he wanted to see, he said the pictures of him at Build A Bear.
When I questioned why, he said because he wanted to see the back of his suspenders.

Our little five year old sure does love his preppy style!

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Jennifer said...

Be careful of suspenders! Ben has a nice scar on his lip from his! :) Can NOT believe he is five! Time flies! I am enjoying the beach photos!