Classical Conversations {Cycle 1 Week 2}

Classical Conversations broke down learning the 10 Commandments into 2 weeks... which left even more time for review!

I loved these hand motions; great way to remember the tricky ones.

Our kids also enjoyed watching this 10 Commandment  movie.
It is long (about 1.5 hours).  We watched it over several days - perfect activity to occupy them while I prepped for other activities.
It starts at the beginning on Exodus and goes through the ten plauges;
making the connection more clear as to why it was so important for God's people to be given rules... and to follow them.

Our kiddos enjoy making cootie catchers; download your copy here!

We began to introduce Egypt and some facts about their different lives and cultures.
There were Kensley's rules if she were Pharaoh.  Be thankful she wasn't Pharaoh.

For geography, we covered the Red Sea; this cake was too adorable not to bake.
Don't you just love Moses!?!
(The original recipe called for red Jello on top of the frosting but we have sensory issues and I knew that Jello would just be a waste)

Skip-counting the 4s


For this week's Egypt theme, I chose to learn about mummies.
We also practiced skip-counting the 3s while we made a tasty treat!

These chocolate sarcophagus' were a huge hit with the kids.
{Purchase your own mold here}

Kensley really enjoyed her special dinner of mummy dogs with mummy Oreos!

We also mummified Barbies.  I was amazed at how much the kids had actually learned.

Just like last year, the "Who Was" book series are very helpful in our learning.

The kids enjoyed learning about the embalming process while playing some online games!

 Anubis  and  Mummy Maker  were our favorites!

This craft project was super simple.  I printed off a picture of King Tut.
I traced the outline with hot glue.  After it cooled , I put a piece of aluminum foil over it.
Using Sharpies, Kensley colored her masterpiece!

Target sold these crayons and I just couldn't pass them up.
Perfect for the coloring activities this week!

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