Kensley's 7th Birthday Party!

Kensley originally planned on having a 'gift card' party theme.
She later decided that it sounded too greedy, so she would just ask for gift cards and have a few Robin decorations.  
Rob and I have reached our max with Kensley's pretend friend Robin.
But as one last hoorah, I agreed and purchased some super girl graphics and made a few quick customized things.

The mini dessert plates were my favorite and were super simple.  I purchased the plates from Dollar Tree
(the nicer Chinet ones really don't work as well as they say, "Chinet" on them - messing up the design)
and created some clipart.  Print, cut and tape you photo underneath the bottom of the plate and viola!
I tried to focus on not overspending on decor.  I simply cut some extra wrapping paper
and laid it on our Ikea tray and jazzed up some cups with cute clearance straws.

We took the easy route and ordered 8 pizzas.  BBQ chicken is one of my *favorite* foods!

You are right, Audrey Hepburn, happiest girls ARE the prettiest!


My Aunt Teresa had a fun scavenger hunt all figured out for Kensley to complete and find her present!

Hidden under Talia's truck, she excitedly ran inside to open her gift.

A.  Box.  Full.  Of.  Money.

{I'm totally remembering this idea for the future; such a fun gift to find and open}

Cat pants.  From Justice.  Totally her new favorite!

This was the least-stress party I've ever thrown!

I gave myself one day to put everything together... the day of the event.
I had tons and tons of more unique ideas, but the truth of the matter is
 this year Kensley wasn't as in to the party as much as she was in to a little shopping spree.

I didn't fuss over camera settings or feeling the need for everything to look perfect.
I truly tried to embrace living in the moment, and catering to the 21 of us gathered to celebrate Kensley!

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