Dead Sea Facials

We have started back to school (more blog posts to follow) but there are simply too many pictures to jam into one of our weekly posts,
so you get to see quite a few candid outtakes early!

For geography, we are focusing on the Dead Sea.  Thanks to Amazon, we were able to do some fun... but educational...  Dead Sea facials!


You knew the kids were just dying to paint my face, right?

Yes.  We have a gallery wall in the kid's bathroom; what can I say? I love pictures!

Cutest.  Little.  Tooth-less.  Smile.  Ever.

Surprisingly, Nolan wasn't into participating in a silly spa day.
However, he was into snapping some silly pictures of Kensley & I!

 {Apparently she took the whole "Dead Sea" thing to heart... with her tongue sticking out!}

After Rob got home from work, we talked him into trying it as well.
Then again, he will do anything for his little girl!

What a trooper Rob {always} is!

This year is going to be epic; I want our children to have FUN while they are learning.

My motto this year is all about making memories, one lesson at a time!

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