7th Birthday Shopping Spree

Kensley woke on up her actual Birthday armed with a generous amount of gift cards and cash and she was ready to shop!

The first store on her list she wanted to go to was Claire's.  Although the pastor's family purchased her several gifts from there,
Kensley never had the opportunity to shop there!

She wasn't into the jewelry as much as I had expected, but rather she enjoyed looking at all of the trinkets.

Check!  She found one of the things she wanted most; fuzzy green glow-in-the-dark BFF frog key chains to share with some girls at church!

Next up, we went to Bath & Body Works.  She wanted some of the new hand sanitizers... and a glittery carrying case of course.

It should go without saying that we hit up Justice.  For a long time.  Kensley looked at everything.  Some things twice.
She chose to spend her gift cards on a couple of outfits and some jewelry items.

Be watching for an upcoming post; she is TOO cute in her 'big girl' threads not to document!

Eeeeek!  My big 7 year-old ordered her own pretzel for her Birthday snack.

What she didn't know was that I had a candle and lighter hidden in my purse!

{ Anything to make the BIRTHDAY GIRL feel special }

Apparently it was good down to the last salt morsel!

And wouldn't you know we ended up at another Justice and picked up a few more special items!

Only on her Birthday would I let her lay down on the floor to get her picture taken with the Justice logo in the carpet.

Kensley spent her Target gift cards on toys she had really been wanting.
More Lalaloopsy dolls and a Claire's Mi World.
Looks like she is carrying Santa's sack if you ask me!

Exactly.  Seven.  Years.  Old.

2:38 p.m. on 07/18/15

(Seems like we are ALWAYS in the car during her special time)

We wrapped up her day by going to Jo-Ann's and Gabriel Brothers... for more Justice clothes.

It was seriously one of the best days ever!

I was so proud of her for purchasing only what she had previously decided on and saved the rest of her money.


mark lawrence said...
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mark lawrence said...

Amazing pictures!! Kensley look so sweet in this pink top and shorts. It’s really a superb idea to let her shop of her own choice on birthday. I have to host my nephew’s birthday party at venues San Francisco. Any suggestions?

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