4th of July {2015}

The celebration started early, as Kensley lost her 1st front tooth at 8:19 a.m.

We watched the parade with family and friends; love these littles!

Ramsie and Kensley even had coordinating nails!  

I'm certain Kensley waved to every parade contestant to try and get more candy!
(The funniest part is, since we are sugar-free, she ate only one piece and we donated the rest to the candy dish at church)

My brother, Nate, caught a pair of Snap-On socks!  Nolan doesn't like loud noises and decided to sit under the umbrella and watch.

Meanwhile, Rob searched for his favorite; GUM!

After the parade, we went to my Aunt and Uncle's house for a wonderful cookout... and blow up water toy!

At Sunday service, our parents were recognized for their unwavering faith over the past year through my Dad's transplant.

Check out all those goodies!

The kiddos always have a few words to share about their Mama and Papaw!

After church my Grandma asked that we snap a quick picture. 

 The craziest part is, this is just our immediate family.
We have other relatives (cousins, aunts, uncles and in-laws etc.) that also go to the same church as us.

 Nothing like corporate {family} worship!

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aurie good said...

I can't believe all the candy! That's crazy :) The girls marched with the church in our parade and they handed out the candy. Bella actually walked and handed it out piece by piece! I love that your family all attends church together. I've never had that and I kind of wish they did, especially when we have multiple little ones!