We Became An Instant Kayak Family

My Mom has said for quite some time that she wanted to get a kayak.
She also spoke of wanting to go out on the water in pair, since it would be safer.
When I asked Rob if I could get one, he instantly said YES!

I did a little research online and decided to stop by Dick's Sporting Goods and check out their best deal.

When I got there I was a bit overwhelmed but an employee, Terry, was a HUGE help... and let me know about an upcoming sale!
The particular kayaks we were interested in retail for $360 - with the coupon and price-matching, we were able to get them for $160 each!

We originally bought a pair of blue kayaks (for Mom and I).

We went out... I was instantly in love... and we went back and bought Rob one and picked up my cousin Talia a pair as well!

It has been amazing how many beautiful places there are to kayak locally.
We aren't a fishing family, so most of the lakes are new to us!
My favorite part of kayaking is being out on the water with my favorite people!
I enjoy the peacefulness of not hearing phones constantly buzzing.
And I also enjoy the arm workout; it's a little start to a baby bump of a muscle... but it's a start, right?

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Melinda said...

Kayaking is the most fun! Our family loves going as well!! It was much more fun while in Indiana, though. Down here, the rivers all have snakes and alligators. Ick!