Plum Orchard Lake, West Virginia

My Mom really wanted to take our kids to Plum Orchard to see the lily pads in bloom.
I will warn you, these pictures do not do God's awesome creation justice!
On the lower end of lake, it is almost covered with lily pads.
While paddling through in the canoe, it appeared more like a carpet of flowers on top of the water.
You really have to see it in person to appreciate it!

I am SO thankful that my Mom brought her cell phone to snap a few pictures.
I didn't feel comfortable taking my big girl camera not knowing if they kids would flip the boat.

We took a little snack break; my mom makes the BEST pepperoni rolls.

Look closely!  We had a tiny little friend at our picnic! 
Then... it was time... time to catch some critters!

Let's face it - I left all of the crawdad catching up to her.  Clearly she is more braver than myself.

Kensley really wanted to catch (have my mom catch) a salamander.  We saw several but she quickly had a favorite.

Everyone had a great time!  I can't wait to go back soon!

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