BATMAN {Hope Mobile}

Our library's theme for the summer reading program this year is SUPER HEROS.
The theme couldn't be more perfect for our character-loving children!

A quick trip to Walmart, they were dressed and ready to meet Batman.

  Nolan even has Batman shoes; I had totally forgotten about them!

Batman was an INCREDIBLE speaker; the kids listened so well.
He had 4 simple points to line up kids for success and be heroes for others!

1. Never give up
2. Always do the right thing
3. Help other people
4. Do not bully

The kids were tickled to have Batman sign their notebooks as a little suvenir.

Batman even brought the Bat Mobile, which the name has been changed to the Hope Mobile... because our kids deserve a little more HOPE.

Kensley's reaction to the event was my favorite.  She said, "Mama.  I think Batman has Jesus in his heart.  He changed my life."

This friends, is the type of people I want our kids to look up to.  People that understand the importance of serving others!

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