The Wizard of Oz

Kensley and I had a special date this afternoon.  Ramsie, a girl from our church, earned the lead role as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz.
After church, I told Kensley I had a surprise... she is so smart she guessed it was getting to go to her first musical!
{I guess she overheard the buzz of how well Ramsie did at the previous performance last night}

Paying Patty (Ramsie's Mamaw) for the admission tickets.

The entire cast did an AMAZING job; hard to comprehend they are just teens in High School.

 Afterwards Kensley wanted Ramsie's Dorothy's autograph on the special paper she brought.

Kensley was fascinated by the ruby slippers and wanted to see Toto close up!
Probably has something to do that RED is Kensley's new favorite color.

 I was so proud of our little girl.  She bravely faced the crowds and requested autographs and to have her picture taken.  She truly is growing up!

She sure is proud of all of her autographs.

What a fun experience this was for both of us... and Nana came along too!

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