Classical Conversations Cycle 3 - Week 21

This week learned about the US astronauts this week, with a special emphasis on Neil Armstrong.

I was tickled to find so many engaging books for our kids age levels.
Biographies are great, but can quickly become boring for little ones.

I found this Jello mold just a few dollars.
Since our kiddos don't eat Jello, we used it with Play Doh.

We also made salt dogh astronaut Lego minifigures!

Once all of the ingredients were mixed together and they were pressed into the mold, I baked them for severl hours at 200 degrees
to help speed up the drying process.  After they were cooled, we painted them!

{Even Daddy got in on the action}

Didn't they turn out ADORABLE!?!

Kensley's coloring has improved so much this year.
She can now color more quickly and stay in the lines with more accuracy.

For fine arts we have been learning about the orchestra and composers, this week focusing on Debussy.

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aurie good said...

I love your craft ideas!!! Where did you find the lego mold?