Classical Conversations Cycle 3 - Week 20

Our history this week was on Brown vs. Board of Education.
We took the opportunity to learn about different times and places that African Americans were segregated.  It broke my heart as our kids just couldn't understand.  I still don't understand it and had a difficult time answering their WHY questions.

Hind sight is 20/20.  Looking back I wish we hadn't brought this up after Kensley saw "one of them" at Walmart and pointed it out.  Before this week, she would have describe the child by the character on their shirt... not their skin color. :(

They learned about canals this week in geography.  I took the opportunity to have them review their tin whistles and attempt to play Erie Canal.

Classical Conversations has developed its own timeline that includes 161 events of human history, representing major cultures and every continent.
There is a super catchy (15 minute) song that has helped the kids memorize all of the events.

The object of the headband game was to wear a card and have the other person describe details about it and you guess which card you are wearing.

Poor Nolan didn't stand a chance at this game.  Another drawback of having a sister with a semi-photographic memory.
Given this week's 7 imeline cards, Kensley could instatnly identify which card was missing... and figure out what her unknown card was!

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