Classical Conversations Cycle 3 - Week 16

This week we leared about immigrants coming to America.
I had the kids look through some of their favorite magazines and choose some things
 they would like to take with them if they were moving to America.

Either their magazines had limited options or they are the most care-free kids I've ever met!

This week, the kids learned the first four elements in the periodic table but number, element and mass.

If you are like me and can feel the hives coming on, you too must have struggled through chemistry like me.
I found this awesome, fun and tasty treat; ELEMENT COOKIES!

Our family has recently started eating clean, so this was an all out treat.  
The look on Nolan's face is priceless.  Clearly he tried to just eat the frosting.


One of great things about Classical Conversations is the cycling aspect.
This year the kids get a brief overview and when we revist the topic in 3 years, we will go more into some details. 

The kids had a fun time with this review Twister game I made.
It was super simple; I used index cards that had questions on them from the past 4 weeks.
Depending on where their hand/leg handed landed, determined the question they had to answer.

Note to self: our kiddos have my lack of coordination.

Just keeping their hands/feet on the colored dots was challenging enough at this age,
forget trying to answer the memory work!

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