Through Eyes Of Grace

Tomorrow is World Autism Awareness Day.

Note:  A child is not Autistic, rather they have Autism.
Their dissability does not limit or define who they are.

I’m not here to debate how many kids/families are really affected by the life-changing diagnosis.  
I’m not going to attempt to persuade you on what I believe causes it or the best methods for improving their coping skills.  
Instead, I hope to encourage everyone to see life differently; through eyes of grace.

While at the grocery store you spot a child wearing sunglasses and ear plugs and you wonder if it is really necessary,
through eyes of grace I pray that you can acknowledge the feat that they are tolerating
loud shopping cart wheels, bright lights, crowds of people and a variety of different smells.

When you walk in a restroom and your attention quickly turns to the child who is loudly refusing
 to enter the stall because the flushing noise will be too loud,
through eyes of grace
I pray you see the accomplishment that the child is potty trained.

As you enter into a fast food restaurant and you overhear a parent tell their child,
“We don’t have money for a Happy Meal today”,
through eyes of grace
I pray that you can see they are good stewards of their money…
and they just spent the last of their rainy day stash to pay for (another) therapy co-pay. 

While attempting to speak to a child and you think they are rude for not maintaining eye contact,
through eyes of grace
 I pray that you can see success that they are engaging with a stranger…
and know they have every single detail of your face already memorized.

When you arrive at a play date and quickly realize that a child is wearing the same shirt (again)
that you are confident that they wore last week and the week before that,
through eyes of grace I pray that you can see the success they were brave enough to come…
where they are guaranteed to be over stimulated which isn’t fun, but they are pressing through.

While at dinner you glance across the room and spot a set of parents who look disheveled,
through eyes of grace I pray that you can rejoice with them for making the time to invest in their marriage…
and not become one of the 80% divorce rate statistics of parents to special needs children.

As you are singing at church and notice a child who is aimlessly spinning and think to yourself how distractive they are,
through eyes of grace I pray that you can see the triumph that they are wholeheartedly worshiping Jesus…
and they don’t care what other people think. 

While shopping and you notice a child roughly touching every possible item and you think they need to learn to keep their hands to themselves,
through eyes of grace
I pray that you see the victory that they are able to run errands with their parents…
and let's be real - don’t you touch everything before you buy it?

When you are driving through town and see an exhausted parent behind the wheel,
through eyes of grace I pray that you can see after 3 nights of sleep deprivation,
they have still driven 2 hours to get their child to therapy… flash them a sincere smile.

After being invited to a friend's house for lunch and you witness their child refusing to eat
and think to yourself that the parents just need to hold out and let them go hungry,
through eyes of grace I pray that you can see that the struggle is real...
and be thankful that this isn't your constant daily struggle.

While scanning your favorite social media site you read someone's post
rejoicing over their child's small accomplishment (that you know your kid already did 2 years ago)
through eyes of grace I pray that you can see that there is victory in conquering the small goals...
because ultimately they lead to greater ones!

As a child randomly approaches you and awkwardly begins to feel every square inch of the front of your shirt,
through eyes of grace I pray that you can see the comfort they have found in the texture of your garment…
and take the opportunity to praise them for just being them!

"Every child is a different flower and all together makes this world a beautiful garden!"

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