Cascarones {Confetti Eggs}

During our last visit to Indiana, my second Mom gave us some cascarones
 and I have been saving these little gems for this special Easter week.

Growing up right across the border of Mexico in Natalia, Texas, this was a tradition
that Zelma's family celebrated; 
one I'm glad to pass this down to our kids!

"Cascarones are festive, hollowed-out chicken eggs filled with confetti or small toys.
They are rumored to have originated in China and been brought to Europe by Marco Polo.
In Italy they were first used as a courting ritual, filled with perfume and then capped with wax.
The custom then traveled to Spain and was later brought to Mexico in the mid-1800s.
It was in Mexico that the perfumed powder was replaced with confetti.

Cascarones are common throughout Latin American and are similar to the Easter eggs popular in many other countries.
They are mostly used in Mexico during Carnival, but in US and Mexico border towns
the cultures combined making them a popular Easter tradition."

Thanks, Ya Ya!  Our yard has never looked better!

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