{ 4 1/2 Years Old }

Nolan, at 4 1/2 years old, you undoubtedly have the BEST personality!
You are sensitive, you love fiercely and you strive to please others.

You have a great imagination!
 A stick can be a variety of toys that you will play with for hours.
You enjoy dressing up and insist on wearing your favorite green and black ninja costume that is 2 sizes too small.

You are becoming an adventurous eater.
 Some of your favorite foods are: pepperoni, carrots with ranch and yogurt.
You spend much of your time at the table making the rest of us laugh. 

You hoard save everything.
 Every random piece of paper, empty candy wrapper,
used hand sanitizer, or random box; they are all important to you.
You have always have a plan for a craft that you need them for.  

You understand the importance of taking care of your teeth.
Getting ready for bed takes you at least 20 minutes since you diligently brush, floss and rinse... all at a turtle's pace!
We just took you to the dentist and you are cavity-free so I guess I shouldn't complain. 

You are always dressed up; you tell me you love fashion.
Most people comment on how dapper you look in your preppy outfits.
Your favorite accessories are your caps and your little red bear ring Mamaw bought you.

You still have your little silk blanket and have informed us that you are "going to die as an old man and still sleep with it."
 Little soft stuffed animals excite you.  It takes you forever to make your bed in the morning since you have to line them all up.

You have big dreams for when you grow up.
You want Daddy's black sweat pants with pockets, his new red truck and his Leatherman knife.
Speaking of Daddy, you love being outside with him tinkering or riding motorcycles.
Although you are always overdressed, you aren't afraid to get your 4 piece suit dirty!

You will always be my baby.
You still let me hold you.  I love to snuggle you especially first thing in the "good morning time" as you call it.
When you are hurt, you always ask for me.  I love you, my little Foxy!

I look forward to watching God's plan unfold in your life!

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