Nationwide Children's

Due to an umbilical hernia that never closed on its own, Kensley required minor surgery to repair it.
We continued to have a WONDERFUL experience with Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.
Since we were expected to arrive so early, the hospital generously gave a complimentary hotel room the night prior to surgery.

So what do you do when you are just 6 years old and super anxious about all of the unknown details?

Jump.  On.  The.  Bed.  And.  Work.  Out.  The.  Jitters!

The next morning after we arrived at Nationwide and Kensley was registered, she got to visit the OCEAN ROOM.
The room was magical to say the least.  Children are allowed to choose a toy; the perfect distraction technique!

Kensley chose construction paper and crayons; she's so crafty!
Although her wait prior to surgery was short, she made several pictures for the nurses.

We are finally home now and Kensley is recuperating nicely.
Fresh princess flowers from Grandma Nancy may have helped!

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aurie good said...

That sweet girl! I'm SO glad that she's doing well :) My girls would have joined her in jumping on the bed for sure!