Sledding... Winter Ranch Style

We are taking care of my Dad's dog, Thor.  Those of you who know Rob and I well, know we aren't dog people.
But I must admit, Thor is pretty special.  He's well behaved, smart... and really fun to watch run.
Dad thinks we need a shepherd puppy.  The only problem is I know that no other dog would compare!

Thor and Kensley have a special bond, that's for sure!

Rob decided that the blue go cart wasn't going fast enough, so he got out the black one.

Nolan had one too many sledding accidents and decided to ride in the go cart instead of being pulled.
Kensley, on the other hand, wouldn't get off the sled long enough to give me a turn!

Kensley made an 'organic snowman' with blueberry eyes and a carrot for a nose.

You guessed it.  Yours truly got hit with that snowball!

Kensley made a mini snowman and snuck onto Grandma Nancy's porch (our neighbor) to surprise her!

Today is just what our family needed.  A day together.
A day of laughter.  A day where smiles were contagious.
A day of doing nothing but making memories.  
A day that I won't soon forget!

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