Let Your Inner Star Shine - American Girl @ Columbus

Kensley recently had a doctor's appointment in Columbus so we used it as the perfect excuse to visit the American Girl store at Easton mall.
Kensley chose to exchange a doll she received for Christmas for the * just released * Girl Of The Year, Grace Thomas!
 Grace is an almost 4th grader who loves to bake and dreams of going to Paris.
Her bakery set is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G but with a price tag of $500, you won't be seeing this addition at the Winter Ranch!

 This shopping adventure was so much different than our Chicago experience.
The Chicago store was amazing.  But it was large.  It was crowded.  It was over stimulating.
After leaving the store, Kensley was so overwhelmed she had a seizure and lost the memories of being there.
As she lay in a stroller, I watched her sleep and my Mama heart instantly shattered into a million pieces.
I just wanted her to remember the magic.  But she didn't.
I was thankful for the pictures I took, but they were just that; pictures... not memories.

Thank you Jesus for second chances!
This trip was awesome; everything I dreamed the first experience would be.
She ran through the store and giggled with delight and fascination took over her constantly busy mind.
Since Kensley is currently a self-proclaimed fashionista, she did a little modeling in the dressing room.
Green skirt: Kit                                 Pink dress: Samantha                                 Blue dress: Addy
Kensley says that she wants Kit or Rebecca next.  After changing her mind at the last minute... I'll order at the last minute the next go around!
The 'Creativi-Tees' is something that the Chicago store didn't offer when we were there.
The girls could choose their shirt style/color as well as a graphic.
Kensley couldn't have chosen a more perfect shirt; I sure do love her confidence!
(shirt reads: Be Yourself)
We pretty much had the entire store to ourselves.  It was beyond dreamy.
Kensley took some time and read books, still one of her favorite ways to pass the time!
This was such a fun day.  I'm so glad that Rob was able to join us.  We are already looking forward to our next trip back!


Jennifer said...

I love the photos of Kensley modeling and Rob's faces in the mirror!

aurie good said...

What a GREAT visit! This made my heart sing :) Imagine if we could get the girls to go together!!