{Recaps} Christmas Celebrations 2014

Our family was blessed with multiple Christmas celebrations this year!
Christmas Eve, as always, was spent at my Grandparent's house.

My Grandma always makes the BEST dinner; Kensley just doesn't appreciate food yet.
It's been my Christmas wish for 6 years now for her to enjoy a meal with us... maybe next year.
Kensley did a wonderful job reading the Christmas story... HE is the reason for the season!

Good things come in small packages; coupons for a trip to the cabin this winter and the beach this fall!

Papaw (recovering from shoulder replacement surgery) and Nolan in their caps.

Yes.  My grandparents are the cutest couple there ever was!
I just love to see them smile over the little things.

Christmas morning, the kids opened presents from my parents, since we celebrated early this year.
I really wished that they could have been here in person, but I tried to snap a few pictures for them.
Kensley received an American Girl science kit; her favorite part was reading the mini encyclopedia.
Rob loves tools.  I see them as work... but he sees them as projects ready to be conquered.

Saturday we met up with Rob's family at Shoney's, enjoyed breakfast and exchanged gifts. 
American Girl pet set and dress up clothes; seriously, what more could they ask for? 
 Sunday we all gathered at Rob's Mom's new home and ate yummy homemade lasagna.
 These little Paw Patrol puppies were a HUGE hit with Nolan.
Nana sure is good to us!

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aurie good said...

Great photos!! Looks like you all had a great Christmas :)