Nana's Work Party 2014

As tradition would have it, we started the Christmas season off with Nana's work party.
NGK is always so generous and gives so freely to their employee's kids and grandkids!

Kensley enjoyed some cookies while Nolan was memorized by watching Santa from afar. 
 Nolan was so cute! At the last second, he told Nana that he didn't want her
to come with him this year; he was brave enough to see Santa by himself. 
 Nolan received a pair of Hulk hands.
HULK SMASHING the box appeared to be more fun than the actual toy.
 Kensley, who is still crazy about all things American Girl, received an AG pet carrier.
She has been obsessed with one small detail; the texture of the fabric of the little blanket.
 Chaos (her black kitty) now has a more efficient way to be transported...
and she has the perfect home for another anticipated AG pet.
  Like always, it was a fun experience that the kids always look forward to.

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